Hoogstraat Hotel

In the main shopping street in Schiedam more than one third of the real estate is vacant. This problem is not unique for Schiedam, many cities face empty storefronts.

Hoogstraat Hotel wants to transform these empty -but refurbished- shops to stylish, comfortable hotel rooms where visitors can enjoy their stay. The solution is to add flexible elements like a pantry, toilet, and a shower that are needed for a comfortable stay. Should the store be let to a tenant, these elements can easily be removed and re-used at another location.

The rooms have themes connected with the history, industry and creativity of Schiedam. The archives of the Gemeentearchief and the Jenever Museum, among others, form a rich source. Artworks and accessories which are made, designed or supplied by Schiedam artists and entrepreneurs add to the local identity of the rooms. The hotel rooms will literally be beautiful windows for the city and showrooms for the Schiedam makers.

Hoogstraat Hotel is an initiative in corporation with Manifesta Idea and Design.

Presentation in Dutch [PDF]